There are some things about the World Wide Web that’s relatively easy to take for granted despite its impact on the digital space and society as a whole. For example, instant messaging offers the ability to communicate with other people online seamlessly something that most people shrug about yet is one of the most valuable aspects of the net.

The same thing goes for emails, which play such a significant role in today’s digital world that people expect the very best email services right off the bat. However, there are some situations where it isn’t enough to make use of typical email apps and tools. There are times when the data going through your email needs extra security, which is where email encrypted software comes in.

What is Email Encrypted Software

For those who are still a bit confused about what email encrypted is all about, it’s a means of protecting sensitive data as it’s transported through email. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when the emails contain sensitive data such as medical and bank records, it’s easy to see why some individuals might try to eavesdrop and breach your email.

Email encrypted ensures that any data remains private until it gets to the target destination and even then, you’ll have options with some services to keep the data protected until the intended recipient opens it.

Encryption Software

This is the Best Email Encrypted Software

What we’ve done is compiled a list of the very best email encrypted software around to ensure that you breathe easier when handling sensitive data through email. It’s understandable to be on the fence when it comes to using the software you might have never tried before, but there’s nothing to worry about. We’re here to make sure you make the right choice.

Typically, when it comes to proper email encryption, you’ll want a service that offers data loss prevention while providing top-notch encryption services overall. Secure email access is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to such software, and here are the top 10 email encryption software tools you can choose in 2022!


While it’s a good idea to leave the best for last, we’d prefer to give you the superior email encryption software platform first — giving you as much control as possible regarding what you want. When it comes to email encryption, 500Mail stands tall as one of the best, especially when it comes to overall features.


One industry that tends to benefit the most from email encryption would be the legal industry due to the sensitive nature of court documents. Considering that RMail is one of the most popular encryption platforms for legal services is more than enough to let people know that they can trust its encryption features.


One of the most fascinating things about Spike as an email software platform is how it tries to streamline the general email process and transform things into more of a messenger than anything else. It’s a platform that knows how to facilitate everything you need in a single place, and the fact that it’s easy to learn is icing on the cake.


What Proofpoint email encrypted offers is transparency through encryption. It’s primarily aimed toward individuals who want the encryption process in the background to focus on what they do best. Proofpoint email encryption tries its best to get its processes done in the background, making it the ideal choice for anyone who wants a more passive encryption process.

Email Encryption


As far as email encryption platforms go, Tutanota doesn’t seem like anything special at face value. It doesn’t have anything to set it apart from the rest of the pack for groundbreaking features. Instead, it’s an email provider software platform that gets the job done, no more and no less. That said, the fact that Tutanota is so highly reviewed shows how reliable it is when it comes to email encryption.


DropSecure offers end-to-end encryption and various other features you can come to expect from top-of-the-line software platforms. However, DropSecure manages to add its unique twist by trying to accomplish everything hassle-free for online users.


There are times when the very best email encryption software platforms are the ones that already make use of the most popular emails to get the job done. For example, FlowCrypt is a Chrome plugin for Gmail, giving Gmail people who want extra protection an easier time without being too complicated. While it does mean that it’s not as detailed, there are situations where FlowCrypt is enough.


The goal of the Trustifi brand is to offer email hosting solutions no matter the platform. Trustifi is a well-known brand for many companies, and it has plenty of clients that continue to benefit from its services. Trustifi Email Security is a great choice for any business owner.

Email Security


Last but certainly not least, SendSafely is all about protecting your data from all sources — including the software platform based on what SendSafely is saying. It’s the kind of developer that wants you to feel safe no matter the situation, making it a decent choice for just about anyone.


Email encrypted can sometimes feel unnecessary for some, but all it takes is a bit of research to figure out that your emails aren’t as safe as you might think. If you want to ensure that your data is fully protected, the list above offers email encrypted software features that can get the job done without issues. So why not give one of them a try? Check out 500Mail to enable your business email address with robust security. Being part of an all-in-one business suite, 500apps, the email software provides access to 39 essential applications that you can use to build a robust and successful business.

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