Email communication continues to stand as one of the most preferred ways of communicating in business. This form of communication allows you to interact using any mobile or desktop device. However, email isn’t just about sending and receiving messages with increased innovations. People and businesses alike expect many functionalities with their applications to communicate.

When thinking about communication in your organization, the first thing that may come to mind is Gmail. Well, we can’t deny it; Gmail software has dominated the market for quite some time now. Its interactive and intuitive interface has been part of the main reasons why millions of people love this tool. But you will be surprised to learn that third-party vendors have also made their improvements. Maybe this is not something you’ve thought of, but this post will point you to the top 5 email provider alternatives to Gmail. You’ll be surprised because other software offers so many functionalities.

Top Gmail Alternatives to Consider


500Mail ranks among the best Gmail alternatives due to a couple of reasons. First, this email software simply works like Gmail, and it also comes with other handy features to enhance your communication. 500Mail provides you with the best email security feature. To add to this, you can use unlimited mailboxes. So, you never have to worry about paying up for extra space for your mailboxes. Perhaps this is something you’ve noticed with Gmail. Once your 15GB space runs out, you have to pay for extra storage space.

Another interesting feature of 500Mail is using multiple domains using imap and pop protocols. As a result, you can leverage the top email security features that the software offers to secure your business email address with DKIM, DMARC, and SPF. It even gets better since integrating the tool with your mobile device. This means that you can conveniently access your messages on the go.

Unlimited Mailboxes

The user-friendly interface that 500Mail software for emails offers is one thing that will surprise you. If you’ve used Gmail for so long, you can attest to the fact that their interface is boring at times. But with 500Mail, you can use it for a change. Their simple-to-use interface never disappoints.

Businesses with different websites will also find 500Mail intriguing because it allows you to create multiple domain using a single account. Therefore, you can target varying audiences and still channel them to your main email account. This is a great way to segment your clients or prospects depending on their website to reach you. Sounds exciting, right? Expect a smooth transition from Gmail to 500Mail because you simply get everything that Gmail offers and more.

So, why should you settle for 500Mail?

  • Trusted by businesses and individuals worldwide
  • Easy to use
  • Can integrate with mobile
  • Secure email access
  • Ability to create multiple domains with one account

Secure Email Access

Zoho Mail

Another feature-reach email service you should consider trying is Zoho Mail. This Gmail alternative can be used for business and for personal reasons. In addition, Zoho Mail comes with tons of other organizational tools, such as a storage drive, calendar, contacts, bookmarks, and more. What more could you be missing with all these handy features to use?

Zoho Mail’s interface is also worth mentioning. It provides its users with a clean interface that allows them to organize their messages neatly. In addition, thanks to their Streams feature, you can comment on your email threads, assign tasks, and even exchange files.

The software also works best for businesses and individuals who are concerned about their privacy issues. Zoho Mail provides secure hosted emails, and it also encrypts its users’ email messages.

What’s more, Zoho Mail also provides that if you are thinking of customizing your business email. Again, this is a great way to establish your online presence and distinguish yourself from the competition.

Next in line is This is yet another outstanding Gmail alternative that rarely disappoints. With this tool, you have over 200 domains to choose from, depending on your personality or niche. is an ideal alternative for individuals looking to build their online presence without incurring any cost for custom domains.

In terms of security, secures your messages using anti-virus software. The provider scans your messages to detect any potential threats that might affect you. However, it does this with the utmost concern for your privacy. So, you can relax knowing that your privacy is respected and upheld by

The software also comes with an intuitive interface to ensure you have a friendly way of keeping things neat. Besides, you can use their organizer feature, office suite, and calendar.


This one needs no introduction, especially if you’ve been using Microsoft products. Outlook is an improved version of Hotmail. When using this software, the advantage you gain is that it allows for integration with other Microsoft products. For instance, you can integrate with tools like OneDrive, Calendar, and so on. In addition, Outlook’s organizer feature keeps things tidy because you can organize your emails based on specific categories you define, just like Gmail. So, it’s pretty much a good alternative to consider.

Organize Your Emails

Like other tools we’ve discussed in this post, Outlook also boasts of its robust security. This is one of the main reasons why enterprises might choose this software as an alternative to Gmail. Nevertheless, we can’t overlook that the software might be too costly in the long run.


Another recommended Gmail alternative is Mailfence. This software is best known for its robust online security. Mailfence ensures that your data is 100% protected since the local jurisdictions don’t allow selling your information to third parties. Arguably, this is a promise that most providers fail to fulfill.

Besides their amazing security feature, Mailfence comes with other essential tools like calendar, cloud storage, and the convenience of editing and saving documents on the cloud.


If you were thinking of switching from Gmail, other software alternatives would provide better features and functionalities than Gmail. Try out the recommendations we provided in this post. You can easily conclude that 500Mail by 500apps is the best alternative you can go with. Not only does it provide the best email services but gives you access to other applications such as CRM, team chat software, and many more.

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